Dragon Chasers

After a well deserved day of R&R, our adventures had noticed two Dragon class airships hovering over Hadar, with military insignias emblazoned on their port and starboard sides. Another thing Destro came across was Beatrix’s disappearance.

Our adventures then investigated this, flying up to (with their own airship) one of the military airships and inquired as to her whereabouts. The answer they got from Commander-General Uriah was that she was probably in still in the middle of a meeting in the town hall. Naturally, our adventures went to the town hall and were led into the meeting room by Watch-Commander Justina, finding there was no one in the meeting room but there were signs of a struggle.

More investigation ensued, and our adventures found a secret bunker with the Councilman Aquil Nejem and Beatrix inside. Beatrix was unconscious, while the Councilman seemed a tad spooked and was holding a pen in one hand and a bill in the other. The hand with the pen in it seemed to move by itself towards the bill but Aquil was fighting against it. When questioned, the old man simply rambled about men in cloaks.

However, unfortunately for our adventures, the guards found them with Aquil in Destro’s arms. The guard leapt to conclusions and, after a lengthy debate, locked them up for the night.

When morning came, it seemed no one would come for our adventures at first but they did and released them. On exiting the dungeons, it was immediately apparent that martial law had been enacted. And now, after recruiting a whole host of volunteers, our adventures hope to bring down Commander-General Uriah and set things to rights.



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