The city of Hadar is just as dangerous as the wilderness below the floating continent of Sula, an urban jungle that has swallowed many an aspiring adventurer. The Three Powers plot against each other for supremacy only over what seems to be the only piece of civilisation in the world. All the while, people grow complacent. The current Calm has lasted four years, breaking all records. Are the great sky tyrants dead and gone? Or are they just waiting for a decent harvest?

Campaign Qualities

  • Dangerous Monsters – Monsters of the world are particularly powerful. The Threat Levels of monster and other non-rogue NPCs increases by 2.
  • Jacks of All Trades – Heroes are masters of improvisation. They never suffer untrained skill check penalties (outside of racial Untrained penalties), even when they have 0 ranks of a skill or lack a required kit.
  • Let’s Get Organised! – Different organisations push and pull on the city of Hadar, with their own different agendas. In this campaign, Memberships are available as Prizes and as an NPC quality. Also the Preferred Membership feat is available and the corresponding Organisation rules are used.
  • Miracles (Indifferent Universe) – It is unknown whether the gods truly exist. While their worshipers appear to be rewarded for their faith, the very thought of a god-given miracle occurring is considered nothing but a flight of fancy.
  • Monty Haul – Real heroes never leave valuable treasure behind. Player characters suffer no penalties from a heavy load and may keep twice the normal number of Prizes and any number of artifacts.
  • Rampant Corruption – Everyone has their price. Bonuses granted by incentives are doubled. Also, incentives offered to a receptive court earn the defendant 1 additional try during a trial.
  • Savage Wilds – Vile creatures stalk the wilds, always on the lookout for a fresh meal. The action die cost of travel encounters decreases to 1/2 normal (rounded down, min. 1). If travel encounters are determined randomly, the result range triggering an encounter doubles (e.g. a range of 1–3 becomes 1–6).
  • Sorcery (Wild Magic) – Magic is unpredictable or difficult to control, leading to… exciting critical successes and failures. The threat and error ranges of Spellcasting checks increase by 2 and when a character scores critical success or failure, roll a 1d6 and consult the Wild Magic Table.

Dragon Chasers

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