Wild Magic Table

Critical Success

Result Effect
1 Attunement: The spell point costs of spells you cast in this scene decrease by 1. This benefit is cumulative but may not decrease a spell’s cost to below 0 spell points.
2 Devastating Spell: The spell’s Area and/or number of targets doubles. If the spell has no Area or targets, its Duration doubles instead.
3 Empowered Spell: The spell’s save DC increases by 5 and all its numerical results increase by 50% (rounded up).
4 Forked Spell: Choose a second target within the spell’s range. That target is also affected by the spell. If the spell has no target, its Duration doubles instead.
5 Penetrating Spell: Saves against the spell automatically fail, the spell cannot be countered, and it ignores Spell Resistance and reflection.
6 Power Surge: Your spell points immediately refresh at maximum.

Critical Failure

1 Memory Loss: You may not use this spell again during this adventure.
2 Miscast: A spell goes off but not the one you intended. Roll for a random spell of the same level.
3 Backfire: The spell goes off but affects a new target chosen by the GM (the new target may be anyone or anything, even you or another party member).
4 Backlash: You suffer 1d6 lethal damage per spell point used to cast the spell. This cannot reduce your wounds to below 1.
5 Overload: You immediately fall unconscious.
6 Power Drain: Your spell points immediately drop to 0.

Wild Magic Table

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