The Three Powers

The Guild:

The main government of Hadar, full of bureaucracy and corruption. It rose up from an amalgamation of the different business guilds of past into one massive organization. Most importantly, they ensure that not just anyone risks their lives hunting monsters as to do so legally requires a licence.



Arose as a backlash against the oppressive Guild. A more… underground organisation with less scruples, when they’re not smuggling drugs or running protection rackets, they’re facilitating monster hunting for those who can’t quite afford the cost of a Hunter Licence.


Where the magic happens, literally. The Emporium is in charge of training nascent magi and research – they eat up any signification archaeological finds and are willing to pay handsomely for them. However, they are also the ones who root out renegade magic-users and put them to the torch.

The Three Powers

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