Dragon Chasers

S10: Brewin' Up A Storm

After a well deserved day of R&R, our adventures had noticed two Dragon class airships hovering over Hadar, with military insignias emblazoned on their port and starboard sides. Another thing Destro came across was Beatrix’s disappearance.

Our adventures then investigated this, flying up to (with their own airship) one of the military airships and inquired as to her whereabouts. The answer they got from Commander-General Uriah was that she was probably in still in the middle of a meeting in the town hall. Naturally, our adventures went to the town hall and were led into the meeting room by Watch-Commander Justina, finding there was no one in the meeting room but there were signs of a struggle.

More investigation ensued, and our adventures found a secret bunker with the Councilman Aquil Nejem and Beatrix inside. Beatrix was unconscious, while the Councilman seemed a tad spooked and was holding a pen in one hand and a bill in the other. The hand with the pen in it seemed to move by itself towards the bill but Aquil was fighting against it. When questioned, the old man simply rambled about men in cloaks.

However, unfortunately for our adventures, the guards found them with Aquil in Destro’s arms. The guard leapt to conclusions and, after a lengthy debate, locked them up for the night.

When morning came, it seemed no one would come for our adventures at first but they did and released them. On exiting the dungeons, it was immediately apparent that martial law had been enacted. And now, after recruiting a whole host of volunteers, our adventures hope to bring down Commander-General Uriah and set things to rights.

S9: The Slimes They Are A-Changin'

The battle against Moira was tough: Tythous almost became a pile of dissolved flesh as her acidic grip squeezed the Church’s champion, corroding his flesh. But he was not the only one who felt her wrath: Douglas did too, while Destro lost his armour to her acidic touch. Nevertheless, they succeed and won the grueling battle, as well as the next one against her tides of followers.

Our adventurers then grabbed the Staff of Bwrw, hidden a box in the makeshift altar and ran for it. On Hadar’s surface, they then encountered a bunch of ratlings who had had hijacked a large golem heading in the general direction of the Emporium. Our band of adventurers then split in two: one group to deal with the golem, the other ferried the Staff of Bwrw to the priestess Herena, and then ran back to the Emporium.

Thanks to the party’s quick thinking, they knocked the control rod out of a ratling’s hand and preceded to beat ’em up. They kept one alive and interrogated him, asking him who was behind the attack. His answer? A mysterious Mr. N.

S8: Bummin' Around

It turned out there was a slight problem with the revolution: the slime-coated firearms our adventures had given to the revolutanaries had caused an outbreak of a disease known only as Slime Rot to spread, particularly in the Undercity. Of course, the authorities took notice of this and issued a quarantine on the Undercity, rendering travel from there to the surface (and vice versa) difficult.

Our adventurers, apart from Cottage who found it out from a scared priest who had been muttering about a lost magical item, only discovered upon rushing into a skirmish between Oswald’s rebels and the dissatisfied poor. They assisted the poor in battle in various ways: Zeris read out the terms of fair engagement in orer to attempt to bring some civility to the proceedings while Tythous, Douglas and Morling frightened and froze the rebels away.

Afterwards, the party encountered a city guard patrol and explained themselves out of being arrested for assault and worse – they even got free breakfast out of the deal. While eating breakfast, our adventurers overheared the poor miscreants talk about a sanctuary for their kind, especially those who had been “blessed”. Upon inquiring about this, our adventures found out this sanctuary was deep in the Undercity.

However, after being in contact with those with the disease, Zeris, Tythous and Cottage found themselves infected, Tythous getting the worst of it. The Captain marched off towards Lake Spira, having a great urge to submerge himself. The others tried to stop him from contaminating Hadar’s main water source. They succeded.

On their way back to the Hadar, they encountered a priestress of Omkha who explained that the Staff of Bwrw had gone missing, just when it was needed the most as it could cure the Slime Rot via the Ritual of Cleansing Rain. The trail led our adventurers to the sanctuary in the Undercity where they now face against Moira, who isn’t quite human…

S7: Boom & Bust

The Emporium Agent thanked our adventurers too soon as the demon broke out of its binding and challenged the party yet again. Never fear! Our adventurers bested the fiend again and as it crumbled, it offered the party a flute. Cautiously, our adventurers took it and blew the flute. No sound came from it, just a distant shattering was heard and chill was sent their spines. They then boarded the airship and ascended past the veil of Mist, checking if the sky itself hadn’t shattered. With a brief look over, the sky seemed normal but suddenly a wandering wyvern dove into their airship – perhaps an opportunistic attack?

They battled the wyvern and slew it in a rather spectulaur fashion: an explosive trap was placed on its rear by the wily Morling and Zeris tooted the flute once more, frightening almost everyone present – even the wyvern. Destro dealt the final blow with his trusty saber but the shaken wyvern’s jittering had set off the explosive trap. It detonated, taking the wyvern, the airship and the party with it.

Morpling cast a Feather Fall spell just in time but our adventurers were still battered by shrapnel and bits of wyvern gore. Even worse, the explosion took out a section of Hadar. Our adventurers woke up hours later in a Chorus-run infirmary. Unfortunately for Morling, he was placed in the morgue instead due to his growing lichdom. However, he escaped through a trap door to the sewers. The reminder of the party simply rested, recovering from their grievous wounds.

Recovered, our adventurers ventured forth in search of Oswald, as Zeris needed to see if his “kind” messages were having any effect. Nevertheless, on their way out of the infirmary they spotted a corner taped off for quaratine. They got a peek of what lay within: the leader of Team Valiance. He was struck with a strange affliction: a slime flim covered his skin and his right arm was half-jelly. Before our adventurers left the curosity alone, Val uttered some ominous words:

“To the East, to the East, down in the deep.”

Nevertheless, our adventurers pressed on and found that Oswald had disappeared, but through interrogating the streets of the Undercity, they found there was a revolution in the works with Oswald at the head of it. Oswald gave them a mission to prove their allegiance: find a lost shipment of black powder weapons and return it. They did so, finding the crates on a shipwreck near the Eastern Abyss. Parts of the shipwreck were covered in slime and our adventurers decided to coat the black powder weapons in it in the hope that it would hinder the revolution somewhat.

With that mission completed, Oswald revealed that the revolution would strike in two days. Our adventurers used that time to warn the Overcity about it; Zeris went to the Slayers’ Lodge in the hopes the message would be passed onto the City Watch and Morling went to the Emporium with Destro and even managed to bury the hatchet between the guild of mages and themselves but at the price of a geas being placed on Morling.

S6: A Devil Of A Time

Following their success, our adventures were invited to a party being held for the up and coming members of Hadar held by Grand Magister Verde (one of the nine Grand Magisters along with Whyte). The party went and got up to some tomfoolery, such as rummaging the basement. There, they overheard a conversation about the Containment Experiment and found out that something was happening in the Crooked Peaks just outside the city. Afterwards, they followed up that lead to a guarded cavern in the mountains and came across a group of cultists trying to summon a demon. The cult succeeded, however, our adventurers and a Emporium agent managed to take care of that.

S5: Snake, Rattle & Roll

Being full members of the Guild, our adventurers were given a task for them to do, not an assignment for half or non-members, but an assignment worthy of full members: slaying the Slithering Death that had made its lair near the giant Iifa Tree, which towers above the canopy of the Kadai Rainforest. However, after disembarking from the Hilda, they encountered a pit partially covered by the forest undergrowth. On further investigation, our adventureres found it was not a simple pit trap but an entryway into an ancient collapsed building.

After taking care of the wildlife who had nested in the ruins, exploration found a strange device hidden behind a secret door. It resembled a table but with numerous orb-like holes with different colourings: blue, green, red and purple. Our adventurers made sure they hadn’t stumbled upon a ritual altar, and slotted one of the green soulstones they had into the green holes. An image flickered in the orb in the centre of the device and a voice urged them to put more soulstones in. Our adventurers did, and in doing so, gained the favour of IV, the Remnant inside the device.

In return for agreeing to assist the party, IV transferred itself to the blue soulstone and has joined the party. That done, they exited the ruins but not before rescuing a trapped fellow Gnoll adventurer named Thumar. Thumar helped the party track the Slithering Death and after a bloody battle, they succeded in slaying it.

S4: Dragon, Dragon, Rock the Dragon

With the airship fixed, our adventurers set off for the source of the strange stones: the Pyrewild Isles. There they encountered a female Human by the name of Nazha who specialised in animancy in an encampment surrounded by her creations. She told them about her research over some tea. Afterwards, the majority of the party explored the nearby volcano, coming across the wrath of lavabriars, the volcano and a large dragon-shaped fire elemental. Using the might of the _Hilda__’s weaponary and the elemental’s weakness to the cold, they slew it and found amongst its remains a blue stone. Afterwards, they returned to a city in panic; the citizens had just witnessed the return of the sky tyrants. Grateful for slaying the “dragon”, the party were awarded full hunting licences by the Guild.

S3: Shipping Wars

After fleeing the Undercity, our adventurers chased up leads in on the surface, namely that of the warehouse containing the smuggled goods. One group disguised themselves as inspectors and another snuck in through the sewers. They found the box and got the clerk to tell them about its manifest – the box was under the name of a Ms. Karlov. They also found a noble fellow in full plate armour.

Our adventures approached her house and after a long but fragmented conservation with the minotaur manservant, they were invited in and (still in disguse) inquired about the box. A few nasty words about their husband and her new beau enused. Well, until they got the information they need: the armoured individual was her ex-husband and had an airship commissioned in her name, and through seeking the thrill of adventure angered her.

The husband, Krauser van Karlov, had even participated in smuggling. He agreed to help the party find the root of the strange stones and ore, in return for his lost airship. The party then found the airship, which had been vandalised and taken over by a saurian pirate paid by Ms Karlov. The party kicked the pirate off and paid some carpenters to fix the blasted thing.

S2: Ricotta Get Out Of This Place

With Mister Whyte letting them go due to the Magister wanting to see what would happen if a wildcard was in play in his schemes, the party went to their homes and rest. After a brief bit of rest and recuperation, our adventures found the trials of the Festival of the Hunt had strengthed them and fattened their wallets. And so, they went forth and spent their hard-earned sliver on their desires.

Afterwards, they went into the Undercity to schoomze with Consortium members, namely Sliton family capos, including the soporific and flightless Aven named Oswald. Our adventurers found out a few clues pertaining to the source of the ‘soulstone’ – the Gorgonzelas and their partners, the Mozzerellas, were smuggling a strange ore, that the ore was being held in warehouse A15b, and that they were contracted by shady, anonymous individuals.

Then, after sending some lackeys to check that out, our adventurers went on the hunt for cultists and blew up an underground cult’s temple, with the cultists inside. This has stirred up the Undercity, to put it mildy. Thankfully, they have framed the Gorgonzelas but will they escape the ensuing chaos?

S1: Putting The Cat Among The Pigeons

Our story first started with the Festival of the Hunt, a celebration of a past battle where captured monsters are released into an evacuated portion of Hadar. Our hardy adventures came across Beatrix, a famous Dragon Chaser and advisor to the military, doing the honour of announcing the start of the tournament. Our hardy adventures stepped up and formed Team Stilton Guard, hoping to win fame and fortune.

The various teams ran through the streets searching for their prey. Team Stilton themselves came across Howlers, foul canine beasts with porcipine-like spines. Our adventurers cut through the horde of the foul beasts, with Destro showing us all what he could do with his massive saber. Soon afterward, they came across Fiorenzo – a shapeshifter and troublemaker – he introduced the team to illusionary fire when threatened and ran off.

Nevertheless, they pressed on and came upon a foul amalgamation of beasts. Destro and Morling used their martial and magical might to defeat the creature. In its corpse, they found a green, jade-like stone. Morling pocketed it and the team moved only to be questioned by a squad from the Emporium about the creature. The team simply pointed the squad the other way and carried on with monster hunting.

Team Stilton came across both a bulette and a remorhaz. They hatched a cunning plan of pitting the monsters against each other and slaying the weaken victor. It went without a hitch and Douglas was the one to deal the killing blow to the bulette, his pike skewering the bulette’s brain through its eye. They then returned to the plaza to claim 2nd place, with Team Valiance coming 1st (as always) and Team Horny coming third.

However, as soon as prizes were handed out, our adventurers were taken to the Emporium’s sanctum for questioning. Now, Grand Magister Whyte appears to be desperate to get the stone back and is using every trick in the book to try and convince the party to do so…


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