A Witch-Hunter who uses his enemies' powers against them. He walks a fine line between good and evil, life and death, true balance.



I walk the line of balance, following both life and death, maybe that’s why. I did not choose these powers, but they were necessary to complete my task at the time. Maybe divine aid or maybe a curse that would turn me into one of them, it matters not. No matter what powers I possess, how people see me, what I may become or what I must do, I will not stop till my job is done.

I am still the Witch-Hunter I once was, the Grim Reaper.

I was born in this city and I will die in this city. I saw it take shape, I saw it fall and I saw it rebuilt and thousand times over. I am old, wise but tired and don’t fear death, I do not fear my craft.

I have faith, faith in Vanthis. I am His will personified. The priests and the righteous warriors may claim closer ties, but I am still his agent.

All that live are my allies, all who abuse life are my enemies. I look kindly on allies and show my enemies mercy… and what greater mercy is there then death itself?


Dragon Chasers Doc_Mercy