Dragon Chasers

S9: The Slimes They Are A-Changin'

The battle against Moira was tough: Tythous almost became a pile of dissolved flesh as her acidic grip squeezed the Church’s champion, corroding his flesh. But he was not the only one who felt her wrath: Douglas did too, while Destro lost his armour to her acidic touch. Nevertheless, they succeed and won the grueling battle, as well as the next one against her tides of followers.

Our adventurers then grabbed the Staff of Bwrw, hidden a box in the makeshift altar and ran for it. On Hadar’s surface, they then encountered a bunch of ratlings who had had hijacked a large golem heading in the general direction of the Emporium. Our band of adventurers then split in two: one group to deal with the golem, the other ferried the Staff of Bwrw to the priestess Herena, and then ran back to the Emporium.

Thanks to the party’s quick thinking, they knocked the control rod out of a ratling’s hand and preceded to beat ’em up. They kept one alive and interrogated him, asking him who was behind the attack. His answer? A mysterious Mr. N.



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