Dragon Chasers

It turned out there was a slight problem with the revolution: the slime-coated firearms our adventures had given to the revolutanaries had caused an outbreak of a disease known only as Slime Rot to spread, particularly in the Undercity. Of course, the authorities took notice of this and issued a quarantine on the Undercity, rendering travel from there to the surface (and vice versa) difficult.

Our adventurers, apart from Cottage who found it out from a scared priest who had been muttering about a lost magical item, only discovered upon rushing into a skirmish between Oswald’s rebels and the dissatisfied poor. They assisted the poor in battle in various ways: Zeris read out the terms of fair engagement in orer to attempt to bring some civility to the proceedings while Tythous, Douglas and Morling frightened and froze the rebels away.

Afterwards, the party encountered a city guard patrol and explained themselves out of being arrested for assault and worse – they even got free breakfast out of the deal. While eating breakfast, our adventurers overheared the poor miscreants talk about a sanctuary for their kind, especially those who had been “blessed”. Upon inquiring about this, our adventures found out this sanctuary was deep in the Undercity.

However, after being in contact with those with the disease, Zeris, Tythous and Cottage found themselves infected, Tythous getting the worst of it. The Captain marched off towards Lake Spira, having a great urge to submerge himself. The others tried to stop him from contaminating Hadar’s main water source. They succeded.

On their way back to the Hadar, they encountered a priestress of Omkha who explained that the Staff of Bwrw had gone missing, just when it was needed the most as it could cure the Slime Rot via the Ritual of Cleansing Rain. The trail led our adventurers to the sanctuary in the Undercity where they now face against Moira, who isn’t quite human…



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