Dragon Chasers

The Emporium Agent thanked our adventurers too soon as the demon broke out of its binding and challenged the party yet again. Never fear! Our adventurers bested the fiend again and as it crumbled, it offered the party a flute. Cautiously, our adventurers took it and blew the flute. No sound came from it, just a distant shattering was heard and chill was sent their spines. They then boarded the airship and ascended past the veil of Mist, checking if the sky itself hadn’t shattered. With a brief look over, the sky seemed normal but suddenly a wandering wyvern dove into their airship – perhaps an opportunistic attack?

They battled the wyvern and slew it in a rather spectulaur fashion: an explosive trap was placed on its rear by the wily Morling and Zeris tooted the flute once more, frightening almost everyone present – even the wyvern. Destro dealt the final blow with his trusty saber but the shaken wyvern’s jittering had set off the explosive trap. It detonated, taking the wyvern, the airship and the party with it.

Morpling cast a Feather Fall spell just in time but our adventurers were still battered by shrapnel and bits of wyvern gore. Even worse, the explosion took out a section of Hadar. Our adventurers woke up hours later in a Chorus-run infirmary. Unfortunately for Morling, he was placed in the morgue instead due to his growing lichdom. However, he escaped through a trap door to the sewers. The reminder of the party simply rested, recovering from their grievous wounds.

Recovered, our adventurers ventured forth in search of Oswald, as Zeris needed to see if his “kind” messages were having any effect. Nevertheless, on their way out of the infirmary they spotted a corner taped off for quaratine. They got a peek of what lay within: the leader of Team Valiance. He was struck with a strange affliction: a slime flim covered his skin and his right arm was half-jelly. Before our adventurers left the curosity alone, Val uttered some ominous words:

“To the East, to the East, down in the deep.”

Nevertheless, our adventurers pressed on and found that Oswald had disappeared, but through interrogating the streets of the Undercity, they found there was a revolution in the works with Oswald at the head of it. Oswald gave them a mission to prove their allegiance: find a lost shipment of black powder weapons and return it. They did so, finding the crates on a shipwreck near the Eastern Abyss. Parts of the shipwreck were covered in slime and our adventurers decided to coat the black powder weapons in it in the hope that it would hinder the revolution somewhat.

With that mission completed, Oswald revealed that the revolution would strike in two days. Our adventurers used that time to warn the Overcity about it; Zeris went to the Slayers’ Lodge in the hopes the message would be passed onto the City Watch and Morling went to the Emporium with Destro and even managed to bury the hatchet between the guild of mages and themselves but at the price of a geas being placed on Morling.



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