Dragon Chasers

S5: Snake, Rattle & Roll

Being full members of the Guild, our adventurers were given a task for them to do, not an assignment for half or non-members, but an assignment worthy of full members: slaying the Slithering Death that had made its lair near the giant Iifa Tree, which towers above the canopy of the Kadai Rainforest. However, after disembarking from the Hilda, they encountered a pit partially covered by the forest undergrowth. On further investigation, our adventureres found it was not a simple pit trap but an entryway into an ancient collapsed building.

After taking care of the wildlife who had nested in the ruins, exploration found a strange device hidden behind a secret door. It resembled a table but with numerous orb-like holes with different colourings: blue, green, red and purple. Our adventurers made sure they hadn’t stumbled upon a ritual altar, and slotted one of the green soulstones they had into the green holes. An image flickered in the orb in the centre of the device and a voice urged them to put more soulstones in. Our adventurers did, and in doing so, gained the favour of IV, the Remnant inside the device.

In return for agreeing to assist the party, IV transferred itself to the blue soulstone and has joined the party. That done, they exited the ruins but not before rescuing a trapped fellow Gnoll adventurer named Thumar. Thumar helped the party track the Slithering Death and after a bloody battle, they succeded in slaying it.



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