Dragon Chasers

S4: Dragon, Dragon, Rock the Dragon

With the airship fixed, our adventurers set off for the source of the strange stones: the Pyrewild Isles. There they encountered a female Human by the name of Nazha who specialised in animancy in an encampment surrounded by her creations. She told them about her research over some tea. Afterwards, the majority of the party explored the nearby volcano, coming across the wrath of lavabriars, the volcano and a large dragon-shaped fire elemental. Using the might of the _Hilda__’s weaponary and the elemental’s weakness to the cold, they slew it and found amongst its remains a blue stone. Afterwards, they returned to a city in panic; the citizens had just witnessed the return of the sky tyrants. Grateful for slaying the “dragon”, the party were awarded full hunting licences by the Guild.



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