Dragon Chasers

S3: Shipping Wars

After fleeing the Undercity, our adventurers chased up leads in on the surface, namely that of the warehouse containing the smuggled goods. One group disguised themselves as inspectors and another snuck in through the sewers. They found the box and got the clerk to tell them about its manifest – the box was under the name of a Ms. Karlov. They also found a noble fellow in full plate armour.

Our adventures approached her house and after a long but fragmented conservation with the minotaur manservant, they were invited in and (still in disguse) inquired about the box. A few nasty words about their husband and her new beau enused. Well, until they got the information they need: the armoured individual was her ex-husband and had an airship commissioned in her name, and through seeking the thrill of adventure angered her.

The husband, Krauser van Karlov, had even participated in smuggling. He agreed to help the party find the root of the strange stones and ore, in return for his lost airship. The party then found the airship, which had been vandalised and taken over by a saurian pirate paid by Ms Karlov. The party kicked the pirate off and paid some carpenters to fix the blasted thing.



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