Dragon Chasers

S2: Ricotta Get Out Of This Place

With Mister Whyte letting them go due to the Magister wanting to see what would happen if a wildcard was in play in his schemes, the party went to their homes and rest. After a brief bit of rest and recuperation, our adventures found the trials of the Festival of the Hunt had strengthed them and fattened their wallets. And so, they went forth and spent their hard-earned sliver on their desires.

Afterwards, they went into the Undercity to schoomze with Consortium members, namely Sliton family capos, including the soporific and flightless Aven named Oswald. Our adventurers found out a few clues pertaining to the source of the ‘soulstone’ – the Gorgonzelas and their partners, the Mozzerellas, were smuggling a strange ore, that the ore was being held in warehouse A15b, and that they were contracted by shady, anonymous individuals.

Then, after sending some lackeys to check that out, our adventurers went on the hunt for cultists and blew up an underground cult’s temple, with the cultists inside. This has stirred up the Undercity, to put it mildy. Thankfully, they have framed the Gorgonzelas but will they escape the ensuing chaos?



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