Dragon Chasers

S1: Putting The Cat Among The Pigeons

Our story first started with the Festival of the Hunt, a celebration of a past battle where captured monsters are released into an evacuated portion of Hadar. Our hardy adventures came across Beatrix, a famous Dragon Chaser and advisor to the military, doing the honour of announcing the start of the tournament. Our hardy adventures stepped up and formed Team Stilton Guard, hoping to win fame and fortune.

The various teams ran through the streets searching for their prey. Team Stilton themselves came across Howlers, foul canine beasts with porcipine-like spines. Our adventurers cut through the horde of the foul beasts, with Destro showing us all what he could do with his massive saber. Soon afterward, they came across Fiorenzo – a shapeshifter and troublemaker – he introduced the team to illusionary fire when threatened and ran off.

Nevertheless, they pressed on and came upon a foul amalgamation of beasts. Destro and Morling used their martial and magical might to defeat the creature. In its corpse, they found a green, jade-like stone. Morling pocketed it and the team moved only to be questioned by a squad from the Emporium about the creature. The team simply pointed the squad the other way and carried on with monster hunting.

Team Stilton came across both a bulette and a remorhaz. They hatched a cunning plan of pitting the monsters against each other and slaying the weaken victor. It went without a hitch and Douglas was the one to deal the killing blow to the bulette, his pike skewering the bulette’s brain through its eye. They then returned to the plaza to claim 2nd place, with Team Valiance coming 1st (as always) and Team Horny coming third.

However, as soon as prizes were handed out, our adventurers were taken to the Emporium’s sanctum for questioning. Now, Grand Magister Whyte appears to be desperate to get the stone back and is using every trick in the book to try and convince the party to do so…



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